Additive manufacturing has opened new avenues at each step of parts production for the consumer market, across the phases of functional prototyping, design, tooling and through to series part production.

Additive manufacturing applications in the consumer product industry are growing in number and adapting to the specific nature and constraints of a rapidly expanding sector with an ever-increasing need to reduce development time.

Prodways has developed a wide range of solutions specifically dedicated to the consumer product industry.


Creation and search for concepts

Do you want innovation to become the focus of your design and development process ?
Do you need new ideas to improve the image of your products by enhancing the performance of certain functions, to reduce manufacturing costs or provide new features ?

Prodways Design & Production – INITIAL is a powerhouse in product development thanks to an experienced team of engineers and planners with specific expertise in product design for these sectors:

  • Mass consumer products
  • Sports and leisure
  • Domestic appliances

CAD Design & Development

We’ll support your project, from concept to completion, by proposing solutions integrating aesthetic, economic, marketing and technical parameters. We can:

  • Carry out a project feasibility study to determine the right decisions,
  • Fully develop your project, from concept through to series production,
  • Control manufacturing costs
  • Compliance with regulations for safety and performance (e.g.: toys, medical, electronics, sport and leisure)
  • Include diverse additive manufacturing methods

Why work with us?

  • We have the necessary expertise to support your project, with experience across many industries
  • We manage mechatronic systems: electronics, design, development, functional prototype models, small runs and large-scale production of your project.
  • We choose the solution best suited for your project, based on the variety of technologies in our workshops; we have expertise in many technologies and a variety of materials.

For more information about made-to-order parts, please contact us.

Prodways is opening up new opportunities for innovation and production by offering the most efficient additive manufacturing solutions and technologies for the consumer goods industry.

Based on 3D printing technologies that revolutionize existing technology, combined with a highly-skilled R&D team, Prodways provides you with a unique solution for industrial production, enabling you to be the most competitive in your market:


The MOVINGLight® DLP®, a revolutionary technology patented by Prodways, is a photopolymerization process for producing prototypes or functional parts with very high resolution and at very high speeds, by polymerizing photosensitive resins with moving DLP® (Digital Light Processing) UV rays.


Our range of ProMaker P Series printers brings state-of-the-art industrial production capabilities for resistant thermoplastic functional prototypes and rapid manufacturing. Prodways technology delivers amazing productivity while reducing operating costs, with the highest levels of accuracy and precision for all your parts, and the best thermal stability for optimized mechanical properties.

At the heart of Prodways’ expertise is the creation of premium, composite, sintering powder and hybrid additive manufacturing printing materials. Our materials boast high-performance mechanical properties (resistance and elasticity), physical and aesthetic properties and provide unrivalled stability over time.
Thanks to our industrial and R&D partners and internal material development team, Prodways offers a range of materials and is constantly developing high-performance premium materials for new and promising applications for the consumer goods market.

Prodway’s MOVINGLight technology® uses DLP® operating with a wavelength of 365 nm and using very high power LEDs. This combination allows the use of resins with superior properties compared with competitor. Prodways has a full range of polymerizable resins to meet all your requirements – even the most demanding.

Thanks to its unique capacity to process heavily loaded, high-viscosity (pasty consistency) materials, Prodways has unlimited potential for the development of new viscous resins.

Prodways plastic powders for laser sintering have been developed to offer the best printer-material combination in order to meet the most demanding industrial needs, with a large range of resistant thermoplastics for your prototypes and functional parts.