Investor Relations

Prodways is a subsidiary of the Gorgé Group, a company listed on Euronext Paris: compartment B (Mnemo: GOE) and on the American OTC market in the form of American Depositary Receipts (ADR) (Mnemo: GGRGY and GGRGF).  

The relationship of trust between the Gorgé Group and its shareholders, investors and analysts has been built over the long term and is nurtured on a daily basis with a constant flow of clear information through regular contact.  

The Gorgé Group invites you to connect regularly to the “Finance” portal where you will be kept informed of major events and financial information. In particular you will find financial statements and the financial agenda as well as regulatory information.  

If you wish to become a shareholder of the Gorgé Group or obtain additional information on the life of the group and Gorgé Group shares, please go to our dedicated section or contact us directly.