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End–use parts and finished products

Direct part production

  • For low volume manufacturing, 3D Printing is more cost-effective and simpler than having to pay and wait for machining or tooling, with on-the-fly design changes and just-in-time inventory being possible.
  • Many industries have been impacted by the use of 3D Printing: aerospace, military, motorsports, automotive, electronics, forensics, archaeology, building, construction: metal engine components, parts for drones, environmental control system ducting for military and commercial jets, motorcycles, etc.
  • Parts for combat fighters or airliners were manufactured in this way and there are numerous other examples of direct part production possibilities.

Finished products

  • “Mass-customization” of consumer products is possible with 3D printing.
  • Furniture, home accessories, art, jewelry, games, collectables, fashion products … are fantastic fields for 3D Printing due to the ever-increasing demand for more and more individualized products, a major stake in marketing tomorrow’s consumer goods and equipment.