Make no compromises when manufacturing your prototypes and your functional parts: print in 3D with unparalleled resolution and at speeds up to 10 times higher than current market standards with a very wide variety of compatible innovative materials.

How does the Prodways Movinglight® technology work?

The MOVINGLight® DLP, a technology patented by Prodways, is a photopolymerization process for producing prototypes or functional parts with very high resolution and at very high speeds, by polymerizing the photosensitive resins with moving DLP (Digital Light Processing) UV rays.

Fixed DLP technologies project a single image on the entire surface of liquid polymer resin, which limits the size of printed objects in order to maintain acceptable resolution. However, the moving DLP of Prodways’ MOVINGLight® technology projects a 40 x 70 mm image made up of 2 million pixels which sweeps across the entire surface of polymer resin. This results in a very high active resolution of 40 microns per pixel on every part of the build platform. The largest Prodways 3D printers thus reach a record number of more than a half-billion pixels per layer, delivering incredible precision and high resolution without increasing costs or production time.


The Prodways MOVINGLight® DLP technology can be used in multiple applications:

  • Validating a design
  • Testing ergonomics
  • Marketing presentations
  • Molds for lost-wax casting
  • Master models for vacuum casting
  • Model for wind tunnels
  • Producing final functional parts 
  • Producing dental models