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Prodways signs a partnership with LAYaLAY in Benelux

After a successful participation at Rapid 2016 in the USA, Prodways announces the signing of a new partnership agreement with LAYaLAY in Benelux.

Prodways significantly expands its market coverage in Asia with 4 new partners

After participating in the international 2016 AMUG conference, Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, significantly expands its market coverage in Asia with the signing of 4 partnership agreements: DUORUI in China, FUSIONTECH in South Korea, FS HITECH in Malaysia, and BOSTW in Taiwan.

Prodways announces the sale of 6 first printers using laser sintering technology
Laser Sintering printers

Four months after the launch of its range of laser sintering printers dedicated to plastic powders (see press release of November 10, 2015), Prodways has announced the sale of 6 industrial machines using laser sintering technology, from its “Prodways by Farsoon” range. This announcement is the first success for the combined expertise in laser sintering of the R&D teams at Prodways, Norge, Farsoon and LSS.

3D PRINTING WORLD INSIGHT curated by prodways
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam tests 3D printed ear models as educational tools
on Lunes, julio 4th, 2016, Sourced through from:
Surgeons and students from the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, have begun testing 3D printed ear models as educational tools, which could greatly reduce the dependency on human cadavers.
3D Printing Goes Mainstream
3D printing has serious uses now and promises to revitalize production by bringing creative designs and small-lot printing to many industries.

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3D technology a lifesaver for little Akikere | IOL
After years of sleeping in a sitting position and keeping her mouth open 24 hours a day, seven-year-old Akikere Bassey can now breathe easier.

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Full-scale prostate models ease men’s fears and reduce cancer risk
Surgeons are using images from MRI scans to put together full-scale models of the walnut-sized gland, made with a 3D printer, to use in consultations as it is easier to interpret than a 2D picture.

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