Prodways Materials launches its e-commerce site for resins and 3D printing powder materials

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Since its creation, Prodways Group has focused its core expertise on the development of high-performance 3D printing materials, stereolithography resins (SLA®) and DLP® technology resins, as well as powder materials for selective laser sintering (SLS®) 3D printers via its Prodways Materials subsidiary. In order to provide manufacturers with easier access to these high-performance materials, Prodways Materials has launched its e-commerce website

The new e-commerce website now offers more than 20 3D printing material products, divided into two categories:

  • Resins for stereolithography (SLA®) or DLP® technology 3D printers, including CE-certified resins for surgical guidance medical applications, and high-resistance resins for plastic injection molding applications;
  • Powder materials for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) printers, such as the TPU-70 A elastomeric powder used by the leading players in sports footwear to print ultra-flexible soles, as well as the recent, highly shock-resistant PA6.12T SLS powder for automotive applications.

According to Emanuel Mesaric, CEO at Prodways Materials, the launch of this e-commerce site is another strategic step forward for Prodways Materials: “Thanks to its expertise in machines, its own team dedicated to the development of additive manufacturing materials, as well as industrial partnerships and R&D, Prodways Group continuously offers and develops premium 3D printing materials whose excellent performance paves the way to new, particularly promising applications for industry.”

For Sébastien Vercruysse, Business Development director at Prodways Group: “With the new e-commerce website,, our goal is to enable easier access to Prodways Materials’ expertise in the development of new 3D printing materials.”