Flemish service bureau 3D Infinity adopts a Prodways Selective Laser Sintering system

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3D Infinity might be a young company, but the know-how they developed on everything related to additive manufacturing and product design allowed them to fill their customer portfolio with many important names quite fast.

On the 3D printing side, since the very beginning they covered different technologies, adopting case by case the most suitable technology/material combination: FDM, DLP, SLA, and from now also SLS with the ProMaker P1000.

“We have chosen the ProMaker P1000 because of different reasons. What pleased us most was the the system price, as well as the overall cost of ownership. Combined with an excellent cooperation with Prodways, it was very easy to make a decision”
Yves Marchand, Manager

“The ProMaker P1000 was an obvious choice for us to add to our 3D printing capacity. With the quality of the parts it can build, and the variety of SLS materials available from Prodways, the P1000 fits our criteria perfectly”
Simon Truant, Manager

Since its launch in 2016, the ProMaker P1000 is the industrial laser sintering 3D printer with the lowest cost per units of volume on the market.

The 27 liters printing volume and the availability of 7 materials that range from the rubber-like TPU, to Polypropylene, from the classic PA12/PA11 (also glass filled) to the high performance Stark 3200, makes it also the most flexible, entry level solution for service bureaus and professionals.

3D Infinity OPEN HOUSE: 23rd of October 2019

The collaborative Prodways mindset found a perfect match with 3D Infinity’s attitude, and in this spirit together we decided to organize an Open House event at 3D Infinity’s facility in Maldegem.

Whether you are interested in the ProMaker P1000 or in the services that 3D Infinity can offer you, book your reservation for this special event, we will be there with Simon and Yves to answer all your questions.