Can SLS® 3D printing boost your evolution?

Did you know that 3D printing is allowing many companies to increase their production capacity, reduce the development time of their products and develop brand new industrial applications?


Discover how Prodways additive manufacturing solutions can help you:

  • Gain flexibility thanks to selective laser sintering 3D printers with open parameters, that will allow you to work with our materials, or with powders of your choice, or even to develop new ones.
  • Develop high value added applications thanks to a wide range of materials, from the rubber like TPU to medical grade PA11 or automotive and aerospace-ready polymers.
  • Depending on your needs, you can chose form a machine range that goes from the affordable ProMaker P1000, the first industrial SLS® printer priced under 100.000 €, to the ProMaker P4500X, devoted to intensive production of big volumes, thanks to its 72 liters capacity and ultra-fast scanning system.

Discover in only 20 questions if 3D printing is suitable to your needs!