Customer Support Services


What is our main mission? We’re here for you, any time

Where? Our experts are located around the globe, ready to provide support anywhere you need them

How? We have a customer-centric approach, eager to meet your design and production challenges

Our primary goal is to optimize the quality of your parts and maximize the throughput of your printer. Our customer support professionals develop smart solutions for your specific applications, strengthening your production and meeting rigorous quality requirements.

Our objective is to maintain a well-trained Field Service Engineer team that is available any time in your country.

The four pillars of our customer support services:

  • Training: Optimize workflow and machine functionality by developing your own competencies through in-depth training and guidance, including specific materials trainings (resins and powders).
  • Hotline/ Having trouble ? Our highly skilled engineers are ready to assist you anytime, anywhere.
  • « Premium » technical support: We provide premium support and advice for critical applications and manufacturing challenges with our experts and Field Service Engineers.
  • On-site technical support : Receive service and preventive maintenance visits by our multi-lingual Field Service Engineers located in your country.
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training modules

TRAINING: OptimiZing system use – developing your skills – becoming autonomous

Prodways, a certified* training provider, helps you constantly develop your skills, teaching you how to optimize machine productivity and offering additional training modules and CPD (continuing professional development) for maximum efficiency.

Our knowledge of your industrial restrictions, combined with our expertise in additive manufacturing and our in-depth knowledge of materials, enables us to offer specific training modules in line with your needs and applications.

The training modules ensure that your operators are properly trained and operating with peak efficiency. Training takes place in our training centers in Paris, France and in Minneapolis or Austin, USA.



  • access to the showroom and Tech Center
  • access to the center for peak reduction and manufacturing demonstration parts
  • meeting with our post-treatment experts and specialists
  • demonstrations and lessons carried out directly on the printers
  • discovering the different technologies access to onboard systems (software etc.)
  • meeting our teams to create a genuine partnership to make communication faster and easier.

Prodways is also committed to providing the necessary technical knowledge for operators to work on the printers while applying best practices and rules for safety.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING FOR OPERATORS: THREE levels of accreditation We provide basic training modules and additional specific training

Training is tailor-made to optimize your applications and control the entire production chain as well as to optimize all of your company’s workflow systems. Some modules are provided by our expert partners (onboard systems, etc.) For further information on our three basic formulas:

Level 1 – Standard Operations: this basic module involves knowing how to launch productions autonomously, handle materials safely and take initial corrective action.

  • Handling, material safety sheet, storage of consumables
  • Learn to operate the systems
  • Prepare for the manufacturing of parts (STL files)
  • Launch production of parts
  • Remove and clean parts
  • Learn about the main components: electronic circuit boards, motors, mechanical axis, pulleys, sensors, indicator lights etc.
  • Know how to provide initial diagnostic information to the support Hotline
  • Take simple corrective action.

Level 2 – Advances Operations: this second module teaches you how to increase yield autonomously without reducing quality requirements

  • Learn how to optimize production
  • Optimize manufacturing with regard to productivity and quality
  • Identify and modify settings depending on the production type

* legal information: training provider registered under number 11 75 53002 75 with the Prefect of the Ile-de-France region.

HOTLINE: Assistance tools built into our PRINTERS and a team of experts are available to you at any time, wherever you are


Diagnostic assistance: onboard 24/7 tools and software

  • Tools built into the systems for real time visualization of the condition and functions of the printer
  • Creation of “logs” recording the printer’s operation.

Hot Line: a team of experts at your service, reserved for owners of Prodways machines

  • Dedicated telephone line available from Monday-Friday, 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  • With your approval, your machine will be controlled remotely so as to identify and resolve the incident without having to go to your site
  • An immediate response to your situation, in line with your specifications
  • On-site support immediately triggered by the Hotline, if needed to minimize equipment downtime
  • We provide you with the flexibility to temporarily entrust us with part of your production at our Parts Design & Production Center in France or the USA in order to guarantee your production level is still met during equipment downtime


If you own or operate a Prodways equipment or need a repair, contact us Monday to Friday:

Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa – Opening hours: 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (CET & CEST)

  • For users of Prodways MovingLight printers (L Series): +33 (0) 130 22 93 88 |
  • For users of Prodways Laser Sintering 3D Plastic printers (P Series): +33 (0) 1 85 76 72 58 |

North America – Opening hours: 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. (EST & EDT)


ON-SITE ASSISTANCE: Repairs, maintenance and preventive maintenance are performed by our Field Service Engineers located near you


Prodways printers include a one-year warranty. Following the warranty period, extended service contracts are available, giving you the confidence that your 3D printing systems will continue to deliver top performance. Warranty extension programs are also available with a selection of maintenance contracts from standard to premium services, depending on the magnitude of your manufacturing operation.


Maintenance, repairs and preventive maintenance of your equipment

  • “A la carte” intervention program depending on the maintenance contract taken out on the purchase of your printer
  • Verification of the settings and configuration of the hardware and software systems
  • Verification of the mechanical aspects
  • Verification of the material resources and settings
  • Replacement of spare parts and configuration of machines.


Premium Support: the “Experts +” program

Privileged support is provided in the “Experts +” program, because your production conditions are critical with an expectation of high profitability and continuous operation of your machines.


Immediate search for solutions to the most complex problems

Our engineers have direct access to R&D and expert resources from our Tech Center to find immediate solutions to rare defects, with our focus on optimizing production and use of materials. You will benefit from privileged support from the Tech Center and its resources.


Looking for solutions specific developments

If your needs change, new developments are studied by experts from our Tech Center to update systems and post-treatments, adapt them to your new production requirements and optimize the value of 3D printing for your company.

Faq printers & materials

Prodways Group is a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, born from the acquisition of Phidias (renamed Prodways) in 2013. Gorgé Group is a high-tech industrial group listed on Euronext Paris, employing 1400 persons worldwide. The group designs high-tech systems (in particular drones, robots and 3D printers) for the most demanding sectors (aerospace, medical, defence, oil & gas, energy).

In the spring of 2013, Raphaël Gorgé, Chairman and CEO of the Gorgé group was introduced to André-Luc Allanic PhD by the French government, wishing to keep home-grown, domestic industrial pioneers in this emerging market from leaving the country. Gorgé group, a family-owned French industrial group, already defined by a culture of high-tech innovation and well-positioned on the international market, seemed the perfect choice to André-Luc Allanic, PhD. Raphaël Gorgé very quickly grasped the significance of the leap forward that is MOVINGLight® technology, delivered by Mr Allanic’s 3D Printers, and the muscle he could put behind it. In addition to their shared passion for scientific research and technology – Mr Allanic is a PhD in chemistry and Mr Gorgé, a chemical engineer – the two men share the same vision and ambition in 3D Printing. Thus began Prodways.

Prodways relies on a strong distribution network to sell its products. However, some key accounts requiring special R&D developments can be taken into account directly.

The advantages are numerous: Saving time: Tens or hundreds of parts in a few days. Profitability: No tooling costs Flexibility: the possibility to change the product without any additional costs Ideal for personalised or limited production products. Possibility to personalise each product or change the design without any additional costs Just In Time production: delivery in a few days, no stock

Speedy production: manufacture large quantities of parts in a short time Profitability: no additional tooling costs Flexibility: ability to upgrade the product without incurring additional cost Ideal for individualized products or limited runs Possibility to customize each product or to change the design without additional cost Produce products as needed: quick delivery with no need for large stock volume. We talk about rapid, additive or e-manufacturing when we produce series parts directly without using tooling. For this, we use 3D Printing methods but in series production conditions (traceability, repeatability, new materials).

MOVINGLight® is a disruptive technology based on a moving DLP® and powerful UVA LEDs resulting in two major competitive advantages for industrial and biomedical additive manufacturing applications: unparalleled quality of the parts produced and distinctly improved profitability.

• MOVINGLight® can produce the most detailed parts on the market at high throughput: hundreds of small parts in just few hours at a resolution of less than 40 .mu.m – Unequaled resolution, hundreds of millions of pixels per layer – High precision in all three dimensions (vertical AND horizontal) – Capable of producing very large parts while retaining the same precision required for intricate and exacting parts such as those used in biomedical applications • Technology permitting the use and development of premium innovative composite and hybrid materials with impressive mechanical, physical, esthetic properties, as well as biocompatible materials for a wide variety of medical applications. • Significantly improved profitability due to its incredible speed and considerable reductions in production costs: – Up to 10 times faster than market standards – Technology allowing for unequaled production volumes – Superior surface quality requiring minimal finishing – Low operating costs due to minimal wear-and-tear on parts – LED light source is more economical to operate and replace than a laser

We are open to partnerships with our customers to develop an optimal ProMaker-PLASTCure solution for their applications. We are also open to signing partnership agreements to bring more value to our customers.

Manufacturing time depends on a lot of parameters such as the material used, layer thickness, polymerization speed, number of heads and so on…. In order to estimate the manufacturing time of your parts, please send us your STL file so that we can estimate the production time with direct simulations on our ProMaker machines.

Max 72 mm/h in Z with 40 microns pixel with layer of 100 microns. We can polymerize almost 3.5L of materials per hour.

To properly understand this question, we must separate ‘precision’ from ‘resolution’; Regarding precision: recent customer case studies estimate that the precision of a ProMaker machine is about 0.1% tolerances on the 3 axes. ProMaker machines are among the best in the market in terms of native resolution, with 30 to 42 native microns without interpolation.

You can find all available materials on our Materials datasheet.

Some materials are produced by our R&D department at Prodways Materials (based on the strong experience of DeltaMed GmbH, affiliate of Prodways Group). Our partners, who have worked in the additive manufacturing industry for years, produce other materials.

Standard delivery time is approximately 3 months. However, some of our best-selling ProMakers may be in-stock and available more quickly.

Standard delivery time is 6 weeks. However, some of our PLASTCure materials may be in-stock and available more quickly.

With the purchase of a ProMaker, you’re also accessing our expert customer support service to help assist you through every step of your ProMaker set up, and continuing support to maximize its uptime.

Prodways provides a large distribution network covering France, North Africa, Germany, Austria, Italy, North America, Romania, East Europe, UK, Ireland, South Korea & Netherlands… Prodways currently has many active distribution agreements. There is no exclusivity and they are committed to at least having a showroom displaying our ProMaker, as well as a dedicated sales & service team. Prodways’ objective is to have a presence that covers all countries with a substantial additive manufacturing market. In February 2015, Prodways made a major step in its expansion with the opening of a fully-owned subsidiary based in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

We are currently covering all industrial markets, including biomedical, dental, aerospace, automotive, jewelry and more. We are also constantly developing new premium materials with mechanical properties that will open a new range of possibilities for new industrial applications.

Indeed, we can propose leasing solutions to give you access to the high productivity and resolution of our ProMaker range. Please contact us

Speedy production: manufacture large quantities of parts in a short time Profitability: no additional tooling costs Flexibility: ability to upgrade the product without incurring additional cost Ideal for individualized products or limited runs Possibility to customize each product or to change the design without additional cost Produce products as needed: quick delivery with no need for large stock volume

Due to our focus on the development of Additive Manufacturing, we have a large production facility including 5 stereolithography machines, 8 sintering machines, 6 metal fusion machines, with eight materials currently available.

3D printing has evolved to allow for Rapid Manufacturing with new materials being developed to best meet the needs of this trend, such as polyamide reinforced carbon or various fire resistant materials.

We can digitalized parts up to several meters length, thanks to photogrammetry. Additionally, we are capable of scanning very small parts (10mm) with great precision.

Formats we can work with: Neutral: STL, IGES, STEP Natives: PRO/E or CATIA V4 or V5 Format used for production is .STL To inquire about the use of other file types, please contact us. If you have only a 2D plan, contact us for a quotation, as we can facilitate 3D modeling if needed.

Parts built using stereolithography typically have very good surface finish and excellent dimensional accuracy, however the resins used can result in brittle parts.

Parts built using Fused Deposition Modeling have high geometrical stability which minimizes the risk of deformation. FDM® technology is especially good for large parts and tense surface. It is possible to produce a several individual components of a part that can be glued together after production with an epoxy adhesive.

The term “HD sintering” refers to high-definition technology featured in more precise printers, specially designed to produce small parts. HD sintering allows for layers of 0.06 mm (60 microns) and walls just 0.4 mm thick!

Surface finishing can be applied to any kind of prototype or piece after 3D printing: Stereolithography, powder sintering, fused deposition modeling, vacuum casting, etc…

Any kind of finishing is possible following your needs: • Simple sail painting (F1) • Priming (F2) • Priming paint + sanding + painting (F3) • Satin paint or matt, grained • Metal plating (electroplating), screen printing, transfer, varnish, impregnation…

3D printing metal or Direct Metal Laser Sintering enables direct manufacture of parts or mold cavities. It is particularly well-suited to the production of highly complex parts of small size. Because parts are manufactured layer-by-layer, the complexity of a part is not problematic. It is therefore possible to produce parts which are not feasible with other production methods.

For more information about our Customer Support Services, please contact :
- For Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa and users of Prodways MovingLight printers (L Series): +33 (0) 130 22 93 88 |
- For Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa and users of Prodways Laser Sintering 3D Plastic printers (P Series): +33(0)4 84 79 00 77 |
- For Americas: