Dentosmile, a subsidiary of Biotech Dental, is a French leader in dental implants and orthodontics treatment which manufactures aligners. While traditional teeth straightening treatments employ the use of fixed braces, Dentosmile proposes removable aligners which results in more comfortable, accurate and personalized teeth straightening for its customers.


Traditional fixed braces used for teeth strainghtening are less attractive and uncomfortable because of the use of wires or brackets (often made of metal). Additionaly, fixed braces can only be removed by professionals, meaning they cannot be temporrily removed for important occasions or photographs.

Dentosmile offers a new invisible realignment technique through the use of a system of clear, scalable, custom aligners made using digital modeling software and thermoforming.

Thus, unlike traditional orthodontic methods – particularly unsightly metal dental braces – this method is invisible, comfortable, and more acceptable, especially for adult patients.


  • DLP MOVINGLight® ProMaker D35 3D printers for ultra-high accuracy (up to 32 microns) and superior surface quality.
  • PLASTCure Model 300 Material, a resin that was specially designed for thermoforming model applications.

Moreover, Dentosmile will benefit from the future development of new materials proposed by Prodways and also from the expertise of Groupe Gorgé teams in the development of the industrial production process.


Thanks to the high speed and quality of ProMaker D35, PLASTCure Model 300 resin, well-suited for thermoforming, Dentosmile is able to:

  • Produce customized, high-quality aligners: with a daily wearing time of 22 hours and changed every three weeks, the Dentosmile aligners will gradually and smoothly straighten teeth, taking between 6 and 18 months to achieve perfect alignment.
  • Increase production capacity: the ProMaker D35 offers a total capacity of 54 models in approx 6 hours , which means a total capacity of 432 dental models per day with the 2 machines installed in Dentosmile facilities
  • Optimize precision and quality: with a native resolution of 32μm, combined with a layer thickness of 25μm, Dentosmile achieves optimal precision and quality in the production of its thermoforming models