Dreve is a dental production center which manufactures models and implant guides or dentures and orthodontic pieces.

While the majority of dental models are still produced manually from plaster casting, dentists are increasingly using intra-oral scanners, thereby bringing the workflow into the digital realm, which is expected to result in a sharp increase in the demand for dental models over the coming years.


To meet the increasing demand, Dreve wants to increase its production capacity while maintaining the precision and the quality which enables the group to be a leader in the dental industry:

  • Multiply the production capacity
  • Decrease per-unit production cost
  • Optimize precision
  • Maximize resolution


  • DLP MOVINGLight® ProMaker D35 3D printers
  • PLASTCure Model 100 material


Thanks to the high speed of the ProMaker D35, coupled with the high-quality look and feel of PLASTCure Model 100 resin, Dreve is able to:

  • Increase production capacity thanks to several ProMaker D35 printers in-house
  • Optimize precision and quality: with a native resolution of 32μm, coupled with a layer thickness of 25μm, Dreve achieves optimal precision and quality in the production of dental models
  • Decrease per-unit production cost while reducing manual work and improving material efficiency