Conformal cooling channel is a cooling passageway which follows the shape or profile of the mould core or cavity to perform rapid uniform cooling process for injection moulding. It is the dream of all mould-makers to have cooling channels running in areas of the mould that are unreachable with conventional machining.

It is now possible using Metal ALM to build inserts including specific circuits in order to evacuate as many calories as possible. Layer-manufacturing makes it possible to build complex double or even triple channels, coils, tab gates, etc. Maraging Steel MS300 can reach 54 Hrc after aging. Our in-house installations are equipped with a complete mechanical workshop, an injection moulding facility and DMLS® machines to significantly reduce lead times.




  • highly efficient thermal regulation
  • homogeneous thermal process of inserts
  • reduced cycle times
  • optimised material performance
  • improved moulding conditions
  • more stable moulding process, hence geometries
  • reduced sink marks