Does your product have to attract a client or the decision maker of your project? To view your product in its final version, different finishes are proposed based on the method and material used.


  • Technical parts for marketing presentation
  • Improved mechanical resistance of parts
  • Electro-magnetic shielding


Finishing 0

Cleaning, removal of supports, sanding and/or micro bead blasting

Possible use of filler to cover potential imperfections


Finishing 1

Transparent varnish: SLA® Watershed parts
Impregnation for waterproofing: SLS® parts
Spray of painting: SLA®, SLS® or parts from vacuum casting
Coloring of parts: SLA® or SLS® parts


Finishing 2

“Ready to paint” priming: SLA®, SLS® or parts from vacuum casting

Polishing: SLA® parts (usually Watershed®)


Finishing 3

Careful priming + painting

Polishing + transparent varnish: SLA® Watershed® parts


Finishing 4: High-end: Luxury/Art items

Careful priming + painting + gloss varnish + polishing

Chrome/nickel/platinum/gold plating (other finishes on request)

Colors and surface options can be chosen: glossy, matt, smooth, fine grain, medium grain, soft varnish, etc.

Metallic paints are also available (all car and motorcycle body colours).

Screen printing can be carried out upon request. To facilitate processing and successfully complete your order, download the technical paint sheet.




Paint workshop with qualified painters and high-end products. INITIAL-PRODWAYS proposes a specific metallic treatment for your 3D printed parts.

Various finishings are available:

Glossy polishes: nickel, brushed nickel for a stainless steel, copper finish

Matte finishes: artistic or technical copper, technical black nickel or nickel



  • Our finishing workshops are fully equipped with an extraction system.
  • 2 paint booths
  • 1 finishing workshop
  • 1 team of experienced modelers
  • Use of products compliant with current regulations
  • Mainly water-based paint



ISO 9001 Certification

Technical expertise

Quality control of finishing

Dedicated workshops within production for improved reactivity



11,600 parts produced in 2014