3D Scanning & Inspection

Using our high definition 3D scanner, the geometry of your object is captured and a reverse engineering or dimensional control proposed.




3D digitizing or scanning converts objects into 3D files. This is precision measuring made possible through development of optical and digital technology.

The full and exact format of a part can be captured, measured and transformed into a computer file for multiple uses.

The challenge is to complete this operation quickly and accurately, regardless of the size, complexity and material of the object to be digitized.

Photo credits: GOM gmbH



  • Archive the geometry of a rare and unique object (heritage preservation).

  • Reproduce a model using additive manufacturing technologies.

  • Proceed with a reverse engineering phase.

  • Complete dimensional and/or shape control.

3D digitization is part of
the product development sequence:

  • Either upstream, based on an existing product or a design mock-up to integrate it within the design process.

  • Or downstream, during dimensional control.


Through their experience in this field, our team is proficient in the use of available materials and software.

In collaboration with the INITIAL design office, continuous support is provided to our clients by dedicated technical monitoring based on our know-how and expertise.



  • Full GOM system integrating photogrammetry and a 3D Scanner projecting light fringes

  • GOM photogrammetry device (Tritop system)

  • GOM 3D optical scanner (Atos sensor)

  • Small Objects Module dedicated to small-sized parts

  • Cloud point processing software

  • Reverse engineering and advanced modeling software

  • Inspection and control software

  • Vehicle and “Flight case” for site intervention


  • Versatility of parts and area of activity: diverse geometrical objects are measured, with sizes ranging from a few millimeters to several meters, and through touch-free measurement, flexible or highly fragile materials may also be scanned.
  • Reactivity: short delivery times and adaptability to manage emergencies
  • Safety: we have ISO 9001 certification and our quality control service constantly works with our team to maintain and improve the process
  • Validity: Digitizing device validation certificates and calibration part annual reports are made available.
  • Guarantees: Our team commits to quickly providing you with a detailed quote with an agreed completion date.