Based on your specifications, we pledge to support you during the development and production of prototype parts using quality materials, as well as in the production of series parts.



On a 1250 m2 site dedicated to thermoplastic production, we offer solutions adapted to the production of your prototype parts or series made in the definitive material. We have over 15 years of experience in the field of thermoplastic injection molding. Prototype molds are differentiated from series moulds (including pre or small series) by the quantity of pieces required or the design of the mold (manual vs. automatic).


SURVEY: Using the 3D design of your part and via a project launch meeting, a tooling survey is carried out.

TOOLING MANUFACTURE: Our complete mechanical workshop ensures that your projects are responsive and confidential. Different stages: generation of tool and electrode paths by CAD/CAM, machining of cavities, polishing of cavities or specific graining

REVIEW:After the mold has been installed on the press, you can observe the injection tests. This is a privileged moment of exchange between you and our entire technical team.

INJECTION MOLDING: The flexibility of our team and machine park contributes to our ability to meet tight deadlines.

QUALITY/CONTROL: A quality injection control technician works in collaboration with the different services to ensure that the delivered parts meet your requirements. A control report can be provided upon request.


Our Software

  • Rheology: Moldflow
  • CAD: Pro/Engineer
  • CFAD: WorkNC


The materials used are technical thermoplastics, such as:

  • PA, PC, ABS

Our production facility

  • 3 CNC Systems machining centres (slide travels – 800x500x500mm)

  • 1 UGV Ferrari B130 (slide travels – 600x300x300mm)

  • 1 Roboform 200 (slide travels – 320x220x320mm)

  • 2 Robofils Agie Charmilles

  • 1 surface grinder

  • 1 radial drill

  • 1 fast drill

  • 1 Automated Vision measurement machine MicroVu

  • 1 Billion 150T electric machine equipped with a triple-axis SEPRO robot

  • 1 Billion 100T electric machine
  • 2 Billion 50T electric machines + 1 Billion 50T hydraulic machine equipped with a sprue picker

  • TOOLTEMP oil and water temperature control units

  • 1 dessicator + cabinets

Download the composition of our production facility



An experienced group of around 20 people:

  • A tooling design office
  • A mechanical workshop
  • An injection workshop
  • A quality control service
  • Each file has a project manager who will be your sole contact


  • Integrated mold design office
  • We guarantee full project confidentiality.
  • Local testing centre means possibility of attending injection tests on-site.
  • Reactivity to design the mold and part through our mechanical workshop next to the injection molding machines
  • To optimize thermo tooling, we can, in certain cases, propose the use of Conformal Cooling technology. This consists of producing mould elements through layer-by-layer laser sintering, to obtain complex control channels, coils, dual or triple circuits, etc.
  • Supplying of around ten initial sample parts for mould validation.
  • ISO 9001 Certification