Using your statement of requirements, we’ll support your project, from specifications through to industrialisation, by proposing solutions integrating aesthetic, economic, marketing and technical constraints.


INITIAL, now part of group Prodways, was founded by 3 partners in 1991 as a Design Office and has become a leader in the field of product development. We specialise solely in development on behalf of our clients.

We use value analysis and creative techniques to propose attractive concepts. We will then study the chosen solutions by integrating aesthetic, economic, marketing and technical constraints. Our design and creative team delivers quality service and advises you on the choice of materials to use and the technologies best adapted to your projects.


The team is composed of a dozen engineers and CAD experts. Our experience gives us an innovative edge in numerous areas including medical, sports and leisure, domestic appliances, watch-making, mechanical, etc.

Each file has a project manager who will be your sole contact.


Innovation is at the heart of our development and design process. During this preliminary study, proposals are made to:

  • Make your product more attractive
  • Improve the performances of certain functions
  • Reduce the manufacturing costs of our products
  • Introduce new features


A new product is the combination of an idea, an innovation, an attractive design and a concept. The focus will be on design aesthetics to improve the attractiveness of your product through coordination with all skills required for product development. This design will be optimised through control of production and manufacturing costs.



Project development for large scale production is structured around several phases according to your needs:

  • Specifications, feasibility study, preliminary study, engineering, behavioral analysis and optimization.
  • Upon completion of the preliminary study, you may receive files for functional models or to send RFQ to potential subcontractors.

  • Series manufacturing or industrialization file for international manufacturing of your products.

  • 3D file provision integrating all series manufacturing constraints and detailed drawings (French/English).

Layout: DJO COMPEX Wireless


We carry out digital simulations of your product to validate its design:

  • study behavior and size a set or a component

  • optimize the geometry of a part

  • make a choice of material in relation to constraints and movements

  • analyse feasibility and study the manufacturing technology transfer

We provide you with our calculation skills for:

  • a project that you have designed

  • or by directly integrating it in the study entrusted to us


  • Confidentiality: We guarantee full project confidentiality.

  • Patent registration: you own your ideas – patents can be registered following the design phase completed by us.

  • Flexibility: The team, composed of a dozen of engineers and CAD experts, provides us with great flexibility to launch your projects rapidly; the project can then be shared among several people to accelerate completion, coordinated by a project manager who is your sole contact.

  • Complete offer: A project manager will ensure full coordination for each product development. He/she will work jointly with the Rapid Prototyping department to prepare our proposals. He/she will also work closely with the Tooling department to industrialize your project.

  • ISO 9001 Certification


Our clients trust us: “100% of our clients recommend us”*

* Satisfaction surveys carried out in 2013 and 2014 with our clients who have entrusted us with their design projects.

  • More than 100 products developed per year.
  • This capacity allows us to manage major projects necessitating more than 5,000 hours of development.
  • More than 16,000 hours are dedicated to the creative process, innovation, development and sizing of parts.