Selective Laser Sintering HD – SLS® HD


Do you have small-sized parts with very precise details, or fragile parts that require high resolution? High Definition sintering is used to produce 60 to 100 micron layers and wall thicknesses that are two times thinner than standard sintering: 0.4 mm HD sintering is 4 times more precise. This technology is reserved for small-sized parts requiring optimal quality surfaces.


The prototypes produced have greater resolution because of the fineness of the layers and the narrower spot laser. The precision and details rendered are considerably improved. Perfect for small batches and for more demanding creations.

  • connectors
  • figurines
  • jewelry, creating personalised jewelry
  • gears
  • small mechanisms
  • complex geometries etc.
  • clipping, thermal, mechanical validation
  • non-removable functional assembly
  • production of reduced scale models


Exclusively natural polyamide

Technical sheet PA2200

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Thanks to the Formiga P110 machine we can manufacture layers down to 60 microns rendering extremely fine details and wall thicknesses of 0.4mm possible. In a pre-heated chamber, a powder with a polyamide base (nylon) is deposited on a manufacturing platform. An infra-red laser beam melts the powder uniquely in the areas corresponding to the part. On solidifying again the upper layer fuses to the lower layer, therefore gradually forming the part. The major advantage of this technology is the fact that manufacturing supports are not required, leaving room for your creativity. Shapes are practically limitless with this process.



Manufacturing cycle

Polymerization of the layer

Shift the platform downwards, layer by layer (e.g.: -0,15mm)

Re-coat – Arrange a uniform layer of powder on the entire work surface

Heat the layer



This process does not require drying in an oven afterwards.



1 EOS® P110 FORMIGA Machine – capacity 200 x 250 x 330 mm – Layer thickness: 0.10 or 0.06 microns

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ISO 9001 Certification