Based on your specifications, INITIAL-PRODWAYS pledges to support you during the development and production of prototype parts using quality materials, as well as in the production of series parts. You wish to validate a design or a process using parts in the end material. Prototype molds are differentiated from series moulds (including pre or small series) by the quantity of pieces required or the design of the mold (manual vs. automatic).


You wish to produce parts in small or medium series over several years supported by quality control and controlled costs.

INITIAL-PRODWAYS is your local testing centre.



  • One or multiple cavities
  • Industrialisation of process, automated moulds
  • Hot manifold, nozzle, capillary or standard injection
  • Traceability, ISO 9001 certification


Our complete mechanical workshop ensures that your projects are responsive and confidential. Different stages: generation of tool and electrode paths by CAD/CAM, machining of cavities, polishing of cavities or specific graining.