Protected: Top 5 reasons to choose a MOVINGLight® 3D printer

Where most DLP® and SLA® printers fail, MOVINGLight® technology excels

With 1 or 2 high-power, moving DLP® heads configurations, and wide printing surfaces, the ProMaker LD and L series set themselves light-years ahead of any other dental 3D printer out there.

The top 5 reasons that make the MOVINGLight® 3D printers the cost-effective production systems you have been waiting for:

MOVINGLight® 3D printers are the best performing DLP® printers on the market, manufacturing up to 1.200 dental models per day on a single LD printer.

Print in flat position and with no supports, to get the highest accuracy, save material and reduce post-processing time and costs.

Industrial build, reliability and throughput.
Serious production systems with no hidden costs: no consumables such as vats, platforms, LCD panels, etc.
The only printers delivering 42µm resolution across the entire platform, up to 800×330 mm (31×13 in).

You can now print more, faster and with a better part quality, to deliver the best to your customers.
Easy to use and with seamless integration with most renowned dental software suites (3Shape, Exocad…)
Automation solutions available, such as the Automatic Platform Loader for the LD series, to allow continuous night and weekend production without human intervention.
Plus, automated trimming and marking modules for Clear Aligners applications, for a solid end-to-end ecosystem.
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Clear aligners

Implantology, crowns & bridges

Implantology, crowns & bridges, clear aligners


Implantology, crowns & bridges

Clear aligners