Hahn-Schickard relies on Prodways to turn injection molding visions into innovative process

In line with the forthcoming AMUG conference in Chicago, March 19-23, Hahn-Schickard has chosen the Prodways ProMaker L5000 and the innovative PLASTCure Rigid 10500 resin to turn injection molding visions into an innovative 3D printing process.

• Hahn-Schickard: supporting industrial development & guiding innovation

With a total of about 200 employees in the Southwest of Germany, Hahn-Schickard specializes in applied research and development in the areas of microsystems engineering, micro assembly technology, micro-analytical systems, and information technology. Thanks to its many years of experience in industrial development, Hahn-Schickard provides support and guidance for industrial projects from the early design stage to serial production. They work in accordance with industry-compatible, certified processes. With an emphasis on fields that are shaping the future, like 3D printing technologies, Hahn-Schickard conducts applied research and development, guides innovation, and assists industrial companies in adopting them into their products.

Focusing on disruptive injection molding process, Hahn-Schickard has chosen the Prodways ProMaker L5000 and the innovative PLASTCure Rigid 10500 resin to quickly produce custom injection molds for prototyping or small series tools.

• MOVINGLight® technology: the perfect match for injection molding

Production of injection molds is usually done by machining metal – in stainless steel for big series or in aluminum for small series. The cost and lead time involved in producing molds is relatively high.

With the development of the new high-resistance resin, PLASTCure Rigid 10500, combined with the high precision of MOVINGLight® technology, Hahn-Schickard is using ProMaker L5000 to produce mold prototypes or very small series tools. Engineers have more freedom to optimize and accelerate the design of the injection parts.

Thanks to the superior speed of ProMaker L5000, build-time for injection molds is 2x faster than market standards. Additionally, the higher resistance to injection pressure and temperature, and high quality of the molds has allowed Hahn-Schickard to inject far more than one hundred parts with high-performance thermoplastics as e.g. LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) resulting in lower costs and a reduction in lead time compared to the use of metal molds.

Hahn-Schickard is able to print various iterations of an injection mold in a very short time, allowing for testing and revising of prototypes and speeding up the time-to-market of its customer products.

Hahn-Schickard and Prodways share the same values and the same vision for innovation and are constantly searching for the best solutions to move industrial customers forward.