Additive Manufacturing started its expansion with the FDM technology that was quite innovative and allowed for increasing the awareness of industrial 3D printing possibilities. Of course prototyping was one of the first application at an industrial level and is still one of the most popular one. But as the machines, materials and post process are now reaching the standard levels of industrial demanding sectors, more and more professionals are switching from traditional methods to 3D Printing for the manufacturing parts in series.

The main challenge for Electronics, Robotics, and Computing applications stays the materials. In addition to the requirements in terms of mechanical properties, the printed parts must have good electronic properties (for example anti-static properties). And even if the new advanced materials match this requirements, it also have to be certified by the OEMs that can take several years. But the strengths of Additive Manufacturing, such as the production flexibility, the high responsiveness in parts adaptation and the capacity of innovation, allow to pop up very new markets and applications that nobody have thought before. What wasn’t possible yesterday can be possible next week and what we are exploring with Additive Manufacturing in terms of design freedom definitely change the rules of the game.

For Electronics, Robotics, and Computing, Additive Manufacturing supported the expansion of innovation such as the manufacturing of drones, robotic arms or some connected devices.

In terms of technology, we now reached a good level with reliable & accurate 3D Printers, especially regarding the thermal stability that used to be a challenge in the past. The next step is to plan ahead, keeping in mind that additive manufacturing can be a core manufacturing technology for the whole system, and then train engineering teams to master these new processes.

At Prodways, our main goal is to support these changes and make SLS 3D Printing more accessible for industrial manufacturing.

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