Key Features & Benefits

Meet USP Class VI requirements**

Fine granulometry

Ductility, elongation and shock resistance

Refresh rate at 50% for medical applications, limited to 8-10 cycles

PA11 White SX Technical Specifications*

Base material

Nylon PA11 Nat


Sustainably sourced -high impact resistance


Snap fit, living hinges


White- cream

Bulk density (g/cm3)


Sintered part density (g/cm3)


Average particle size (µm)


Melting point (°C)

198 – 205

Tensile strength (MPa)

40 – 45

Young Modulus (MPa)

1300 – 1450

Elongation at break (%)

40 – 45

Flexural modulus (MPa)

1200 – 1300

Izod -unnotched impact strength KJ/m²

No break

Shore test

72 – 74 test D

Resistivity domain


Ra Upper facing processed et blasting (µm)


*Performance characteristics of these materials may change according to product application, operating conditions or level of refresh.

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