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Prodways doesn’t just sell printers and materials – we stand behind them. That means when you buy Prodways you can count on us to keep your business operational, day after day.


Your Prodways machine has diagnostic tools and a performance log to track its operation. When you call our trouble hotline, we can also access your machine remotely with your permission. These tools mean Prodways techs can often identify and resolve problems remotely, with minimal downtime.

North American hotline hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm ET
European Hotline Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm CET.

If our Hotline Techs can’t help you, we’ll immediately escalate you to On-site Support.

On-site Support

Prodways has Field Service Engineers available in every country we serve. On-site engineers perform both diagnostic and preventive maintenance.

If you’re facing downtime due to a maintenance or service need, Prodways also provides temporary production with your manufacturing. Prodways Group has parts design and production centers in France and in the USA to help you maintain your usual production level until your system is fully functional once again.

For help, contact Prodways or call our hotline.

Customer Training

Prodways offers training to help you develop your skills and keep your own manufacturing systems operating with peak efficiency. Our experts offer demonstrations and training for your team on a variety of software systems and Prodways machines.

Premium Support

For critical applications and unusual manufacturing challenges, Prodways offers Premium Support. Consult with our experts and Field Service Engineers and take advantage of their direct access to Prodways R&D as you seek solutions for rare defects, unique optimization challenges and other in-depth needs.

When your needs change, we’ll change your solutions too – developing systems updates and new post-treatments to adapt to updated production requirements and continue to optimize the value of 3D printing for your business.