New ProMaker LD Dental Series with Super Resolution

Improve your productivity and boost your bottom line with the LD10 and LD20!

The 2021 ProMaker LD Series Update 

  • Improved surface quality
  • Printing speeds increased up to 30%
  • New user interface
  • Tested and verified for 3Shape's Clear Aligners Enterprise Solution

Want to know more ?

What will you get with the new LD Dental Series?

Unique Super-Resolution technology

The surface quality of your dental models and aligner molds just got better. Without sacrificing speed.

Verified Digital Workflow

Design and manufacturing integrated into an end-to-end solution for customers targeting high-volume and high-quality clear aligner production

New build styles

Specially designed build styles, to increase the already remarkably high printing speed of the LD Series up by 30%!

New User Interface

Revamped UI and UX, because user experience matters!