Prodways helps you make the shift.

As additive manufacturing changes how production happens across the globe, more and more leaders are discovering the power of 3D printing. They’re reducing inventory costs, speeding delivery and reducing risks and frustration in their own supply chains. They’re learning that when you control your manufacturing, you change everything else too.

But change is hard without a guide.

That’s why Prodways is here. From unique technologies to customized product solutions, everything we do ensures your shift to 3D printing isn’t just easy – it’s profitable.

To help you transform your business, we’ve spent decades mastering every aspect of our own.

We did dozens of tests with different manufacturers of 3D Printers. We finally decided after all those tests to go with Prodways, because we believe they just have the best quality, the best accuracy and the best reliability on the market.

– Crown Ceram

With our internal testing we found Prodways machine consistently produced an accurate product regardless of volume, surpassing other machines on the market.

– Dental Crafters

Experience at every stage

Prodways Machines is a division of Prodways Group, a global player delivering services and products across every level of the 3D printing value chain. In addition to development of 3D printers, manufacturing materials and solutions, Prodways Group has units that provide.

  • Software design and integration – improving the manufacturer experience to help users get the most out of their 3D printers
  • Product design – creating new parts for specific uses, from industry to art and luxury
  • Custom materials development – formulating specialized materials for specific needs and seeing them through development, from feasibility analysis to regulatory documentation and production
  • Rapid manufacturing – providing custom parts to industries like dentistry or podiatry with exacting specifications
  • Materials and 3D printing consulting – facilitating audits, troubleshooting materials and providing training to individual manufacturers

All this experience helps us understand more than our products: We understand how to design for them, integrate them into your operations and rely on them day after day. We can help you make printers part of your business – because they’re part of ours as well.

Customer support you can rely on

Prodways is proud to stand behind its machines, offering support to keep your business operating profitably day after day, year after year.

We support you in four ways:

  • A Trouble Hotline offers fast response and fixes through onboard diagnostics and remote access.
  • On-site Support brings field service engineers to you for deeper diagnostics and local maintenance.
  • Customer Training lets you certify and qualify your own operators through 27 modules of ongoing education.
  • Premium Services let you collaborate with our most qualified experts on your deepest challenges.

Learn more about how Prodways supports customers.

A history of innovation

Prodways was founded in 2013 as a joint effort of the French industrial firm Groupe Gorgé and world-renowned 3D printing pioneer André-Luc Allanic. In the early 1990s, Allanic developed some of the first European 3D printing systems for the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS). In 2007, he created MOVINGLight®, Prodways’ proprietary DLP technology.

Research (CNRS). In 2007, he created MOVINGLight®, Prodways’ proprietary DLP technology. MOVINGLight® was a true technological leap, allowing Allanic to create the fastest and most accurate 3D printers on the market. When he met industrialist Raphaël Gorgé, it seemed the perfect partnership to bring those innovations to the international market.

But technology means little to your business if it can’t impact your bottom line. That’s why for the last decade, Prodways has invested in acquisitions and built business partnerships to help provide solutions customized to every industry and need. We partnered with medical experts and industrial creators. We develop manufacturing materials for specific needs. We customize multi-technology plans and calculate ROI for businesses like yours.

We help you make the shift. Because 3D printing technology isn’t just the foundation of our work. It’s the future of your business.


Co-founder André-Luc Allanic joins the French company Laser 3D, designs the fastest stereolithography printer on the market


Co-founder André-Luc Allanic combines a high-powered UV LED with a next-generation DLP chip to create MOVINGLight®, a new standard for 3D printing technology


Allanic meets industrialist Raphaël Gorgé; together, they create Prodways


Prodways commercializes the first MOVINGLight printers through a distribution network covering the United States, Europe and Asia. Prodways acquires Deltamed and becomes and produces UV resins


Prodways expands activities with Service Bureau on demand printing activities.


Prodways releases the first affordable industrial SLS printer


Prodways IPO on the French Stock Market. Prodways Becomes Prodways Group


Prodways continues to expand activities in the Software and Medical sector with external acquisitions. Release of the second generation of MOVINGLight printers


Prodways acquires Solidscape and expand it US presence and product portfolio with wax printing.


Prodways introduces Absolute Aligner, a revolutionary material for the production a ultra-clear aligner. Prodways Introduces Polypropylene for SLS in partnership with BASF

Let’s make your business better.

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