Every body is unique.

As medicine continues to strive for better care, technology is letting surgeons, technicians and prosthetists grasp this incredible truth: The best devices are the ones uniquely made to fit each individual patient.

Custom orthopedics, braces, implants and orthotics are all changing patient care, while customized tools and preview models are empowering surgeons and other doctors to do better work than ever. But keeping up requires a 3D printing solution that’s perfectly fitted to the needs and applications you provide. Here’s how Prodways helps you build yours.

Multi-technology solutions – the right printer for the right application

Medical-grade materials – biocompatible and sterilizable

Highly customized to the precise morphology of the patient


Making devices that work in and on the body means selecting the right combination of biocompatible materials and a printer with the resolution and performance to deliver a high level of personalization.

The large range of mechanical elongations offered by Prodways’ materials lets you design orthotics and devices that perform on target – but you’ll also achieve superior patient comfort, thanks to the customization offered by 3D printing. Polypropylene (PP) offers a high elongation for some flexibility, while PA12 Smooth SF will provide a much stiffer shape to ensure high stability. Complete knee braces, ankle braces or other orthotic devices with the desired stiffness and get a professional finish using additional post-processing.

3D printing offers another advantage, too: You’ll have choices if you need to replace a device. Reproduce an exact copy of your original to use as a replacement or print a new device to improve the design.


SLS printing technology lets you manufacture light orthopedic or comfort insoles that are perfectly adapted to the morphology of your consumer and have the appropriate corrective shape and mechanical properties.

Shoe soles are highly customized thanks to the precise scan of the shape and arch of the foot, with a lattice or honeycomb structure, which allows for individual adjustments to the density for each area of the foot. They can be printed using PA 12 Smooth SF or with a PA11 material, depending on the type of sole.

Surgical planning and tools

With our industrial plastic 3D printers using laser sintering, Prodways offers a unique material registered as “medical-grade” by the manufacturer, with USP Class VI certification: PA11 White SX. You can directly print small- or medium-sized series of pre-mounted, highly customized, shock-resistant and sterilizable by gamma sterilization instrumentation for single-use in implantation surgery – removing steps and minimizing conventional tooling costs.

In addition, you can leverage 3D printing to help plan for your surgery, whether using transparent material (PLASTCure Clear200 or PLASTCure ABS 3000) or using dense SLS parts to manipulate larger shapes.

Incredible precision: MOVINGLight® DLP

MOVINGLight® is Prodways’ proprietary DLP printing technology. Fast, sturdy and even more accurate than conventional DLP, it’s perfectly suited to medical applications. Discover the difference MOVINGLight® makes.

Using Polypropylene for Orthotics

3D printing is excellent for customization for orthotics. Watch the webinar “How SLS 3D printing is used in Orthotics” to learn more!

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