Less is more.

If we can lower our waste, decrease our carbon footprint and reduce our negative environmental impact – we enjoy more natural beauty, cleaner air and a better world for the next generation. That’s why sustainability is important to Prodways. And to you.

As an additive manufacturing technology, 3D printing is inherently less wasteful that conventional subtractive manufacturing methods that create objects by cutting away excess material. Just by making the switch, you may be reducing your carbon footprint and decreasing your waste.

But we can do more.

Prodways is committed to aligning all our practices with the Paris Agreement on climate within a decade. We measure our carbon footprint every year. Our group’s Corporate Social Responsibility document, based on a 2018 company assessment that was reviewed and revitalized in 2022, sets specific indicators and environmental impact measures and lays out am ambition action plan to help us, as a company, operate within the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals laid out by the United Nations in 2015.

We’re on our way – and we know you are, as well.

For more on Prodways Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility document, visit this page. To learn more about sustainable practices and 3D printing, visit the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association.

Predict your usage; know your cost

When you call Prodways, we’ll build a solution focused on your business goals. Understand what’s possible, learn which printers and what software you should use – and discover your manufacturing cost per part. You’ll know what to expect from 3D printing before you transition.

Let’s make your business better.

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