3D printing opens up new possibilities.

Explore complex shapes. Create lighter components. Build better, develop faster and cut costs with more efficient manufacturing and reduced need for part inventory. When you control your own manufacturing, you spur innovation – and if you work in aerospace, in defense or in the fields of military or civilian robotics, innovation is everything.

Prodways’ SLS and proprietary MOVINGLight® DLP technologies make your design smarter and your operations stronger. Here’s how.

Cut costs by shrinking inventory and reducing the expense of production tooling

Speed innovation with fast functional prototypes and the ability to produce lighter components and complex geometries

Power research with a flexible, open-material platform that lets you develop your own production materials

Master models

If you make high-precision master patterns for complex parts like blade reactors or aircraft engine components, MOVINGLight® printers offer the resolution you need.

Very high dimensional tolerance means you can create with more detail than wax, without the risk of deformation of your master model. Optimize topology and performance by moving beyond the design constraints of injection molding. And enjoy access to a variety of materials with a variety of functionalities.

Functional prototypes

If your primary use is functional prototypes, a laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer pairs functional part performance with exceptional accuracy and excellent thermal stability. Reduce operational costs and speed your innovation cycles by creating parts for validation yourself.

Prodways’ large portfolio of 3D printing materials can meet a wide range of applications for the manufacturing of parts with complex design and superior performances, while reducing the number of parts and the need for assembly.

Small series production parts

The ProMaker series of SLS industrial 3D printers allows for production of strong and durable plastic parts with superior mechanical properties. Create functional parts with more complex, more efficient, lighter geometries than you can easily make with conventional manufacturing techniques.

Producing parts yourself lets you enjoy reduced per-part manufacturing costs when you produce small series. You can also take advantage of digital warehousing, producing some parts on demand and saving on the need to maintain inventory in the long term.

Printing the right way: DLP and SLS

Prodways’ multi-technology solutions offer two different approaches to 3D printing. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is often a fit if you’re planning to prototype and mechanically test a variety of aerospace or robotics components, while our proprietary MOVINGLight® DLP printing can be ideal for applications like production molds and master models that require the highest possible resolution.

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