3D printing
Polymer Powders



The unique technology of the ProMaker P Series laser sintering printers opens up new ways for Prodways to develop materials with mechanical properties that have been inaccessible until now in additive manufacturing.

Our polymer powders for laser sintering have been developed to offer you the optimum printer-materials combination for your application and meet even your most demanding industrial needs.



Elastomeric material with elongation up to 350% for rubber-like parts

PP 1200

Suitable for: parts that need ductility, living hinges, low friction elements, chemical resistant parts, low density parts (10% lighter than PA12)

PA12-GFX 2550

Grey color in mass
Similar to PP 20% injected parts

PA12-S 1550

3D printing plastic powder

Continuous sifting-regenerating cycles possibility
Natural/Black/Blue/Red /Grey

PA12-L 1600

Complex production & prototype parts
High elongation at break

PA11-GF 3450

Glass filled polyamide
Similar to PA6-MD30 or PP-GB injected parts

PA11-SX 1450

Refreshing at 50% possibility
Class VI certification for medical industry**

PA11-SX 1350

Mat black color in mass
Continuous sifting-regenerating cycles possible

Ultrasint PA6 line

High temperature 3D printing material PA6

High performance functional parts parts requiring accuracy, strength and thermal distortion stability in automotive or industrial sector: motor components, air intake systems, etc.

STARK 3200

Resistant to friction and wear under severe conditions. Highly isotropic, easily machinable, low hygroscopicity.