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With 3D printing, you can just do more.

Prodways has long partnered with top dental labs worldwide, pushing the boundaries of clarity in aligners. Using ProMaker L- series printers and the groundbreaking Absolute Aligner dental resin, a Prodways solution gets you high throughput, outstanding accuracy and ultra transparency.

Technology to meet unique demands

Custom aligners are thermoformed from 3D printed master models. Manufacturers need to deliver a high level of quality and customization, usually with quick turnaround. Keeping patients and their dentists happy while remaining profitable takes three things: A printer with high throughput, the ability to print at high resolution, and consistent performance day after day, week after week.

Dental applications are Prodways’ specialty.

  • Fast production. MOVINGLight® printers can produce as many as 55 dental models in an hour, with no consumables and no need for printing supports.
  • High resolution. MOVINGLight® technology was developed to bring incredible detail to DLP printing. With resolutions as fine as 40 microns per pixel, their precision is ideal for dental lab use.
  • Consistent performance. Prodways machines are work machines: Simple to use and easy to rely on for great results every day, independent of operator skill.
  • Large build plate. Allows labs to print more models at one time.

Cut development time and costs by removing the need for tooling and assembly

Increase energy efficiency by working with shapes you can’t manufacture traditionally

Deliver more value with the ability to do small runs of customized parts

Production benchmarks measured on a ProMaker LD20 3D printer:

Number of models55
Material used PLASTCure Absolute Aligner
Total time @100μm LT1h 2min
Time per part (@100µm) 67s

The Clear Aligner Ecosystem

Prodways developed its systems specifically for the dental industry, ensuring seamless hardware/software collaboration and a great result no matter how you work.

But that’s not all. In close collaboration with industry partners, we developed a Clear Aligner Ecosystem that covers every step of the manufacturing cycle: 3D scanning, data preparation, treatment design, 3D printing, aligner thermoforming, laser marking and trimming and MES software to monitor each step.

To learn more about the Clear Aligner Ecosystem, contact us. It’s the most efficient way to manufacture clear aligners.

Designed for Dental: MOVINGLight® DLP

MOVINGLight® is Prodways’ proprietary DLP printing technology. Fast, reliable and even more accurate than conventional DLP, it’s perfectly suited to dental applications. Create customized, highly accurate dental products day after day, without relying on manual skill or operator proficiency. Discover the difference MOVINGLight® makes.

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