Prodways will be part of the panel of FABulous FI the European accelerator program about 3D printing coordinated by the European Commission This year, Camille Brodhag, Director of Prodways Entrepreneurs, will again be a panel member of the accelerator program, FABulous Fi, which is dedicated to 3D Printing and will take place January 12th and 13th in Bilbao, Spain. More than thirty SMEs and start-ups coming from 12 European countries will attend this event, where awards will be presented to the best initiatives related to 3D printing. FABulous is one of the 16 accelerators developed by the European commission in the midst of the FIWARE Program. Its aim is to accelerate European SME and start-ups which develop innovative products and services in the 3D printing industry, thanks to a specialized support, financing and mentoring program. The selected projects will be related to 4 topics: – Crowd-sourced and Cloud-based Design & Services for 3D Printing – Mobile Apps and Services for 3D Printing – Manufacturing & Logistics Tools and Services – Advanced Content Management Related to 3D Printing Through this commitment, Prodways reinforces its position as a world leader of the 3D Printing innovation taking place within the European ecosystem and supports the development of excellence in the 3D printing sector.