Innovative 3D printing solutions for aerospace and defense industries Prodways supports the aerospace and defense industries with the creation of its Aerospace division, whose objective is to offer innovative technologies and services that make it possible to design and manufacture parts with complex geometries, or with specific aerodynamic properties, which might be impossible to manufacture with traditional methods. Our innovative solutions also meet the most demanding requirements in aerospace manufacturing: reducing weight while achieving exacting quality and productivity standards required by this industry.


Case study: lost wax casting of turbine blades


Currently, in the aerospace industry, the standard method to produce turbine blades uses conventional injection molds.


MOVINGLight® technology is used to manufacture a model for reactor turbine blades using a ProMaker printer and a process-specific resin: PLASTCure ABS3650 Production of the finished part by lost wax method A plaster/ceramic shell mold is formed around this model The mold is fired in an oven, burning away the resin part to create a perfectly shaped cavity Molten metal is then poured into the mold cavity


More complex shapes possible for reduced weight and/or increased efficiency Master model can be easily altered and modified, which is very useful for prototyping Superior surface quality and dimensional precision.