Prodways signs a strategic partnership with Arkema, a specialty chemicals global major.


Following its historic partnership with Prodways’ subsidiary Exceltec, Arkema signed a strategic partnership with Prodways to develop new PA12-based laser sintering material solutions to answer the numerous demands for industrial applications.


As one of the major producers of specialty polymers, Arkema brings innovative and value-added solutions tailored to individual customers’ needs. Arkema’s Technical Polymers offering includes a complete range of high-performance polymers specifically developed for the automotive, industrial, healthcare, consumer electronics, and renewable energies markets. Based on its renowned material expertise and more than 60 years of experience in polyamide powders, Arkema has been actively developing laser sintering solutions for more than 10 years.


Prodways shares Arkema’s strategy based on accelerated innovation to pursue future applications. Prodways offers laser sintering platforms which are open to third-party materials and creates strategic partnerships to develop the next generation of polymer materials.


Olivier Coulet, laser sintering materials Director and founder of Exceltec, confirms: “The Arkema and Prodways teams have worked together on the co-development of laser sintering powders for more than 10 years. After many successes, such as the launch of new PA12 powder formulas, the signing of the partnership with Prodways will be the natural continuation of those developments and will offer promising opportunities for special grades, markets, and services in 3D printing.”
Adrien Lapeyre, Market Manager for Arkema’s Technical Polymers business line, stated: “We are convinced that the Prodways open platform program will accelerate the time-to-market of new powders that will meet the numerous challenges of 3D printing.”


The aim of this partnership, which combines Arkema’s expertise in polymer materials and Prodways’ 3D printers, is to develop new, complete and personalized laser sintering solutions for any industrial application, from automotive to aerospace and medical.


With this partnership, Prodways and Arkema create new, unlimited potential for innovation for tomorrow’s industries.