Prodways presents its next generation of 3D printers at the International Dental Show (IDS)


At the world’s biggest international dental trade fair – IDS – taking place in Cologne, Germany from 21 to 25 March, Prodways (a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé) will present a preview of its next generation of 3D printers dedicated to the dental industry, the ProMaker LD series range, at stand L029 in Hall 4.2.


The development of this new generation of 3D printers builds on the success of Prodways’ exclusive MOVINGLight® technology, which has convinced the leading dental industry players (manufacturers of dental aligners, major laboratories and dental production centres) through its unique blend of precision and productivity on large manufacturing platforms. This new ProMaker LD series range confirms Prodways’ drive to offer the professional performance of MOVINGLight® technology in a more compact, multi-functional format at an affordable price, in order to meet the needs of dental laboratories initiating their transition to a digital stream.

This next generation of ProMaker LD series 3D printers retains the strengths of the current MOVINGLight® range, combining a native resolution of 42µm per pixel and very high dimensional precision on all 3 axes, along with high productivity through its moving DLP®, making it possible to print up to 38 dental arches per hour* at an optimal unit cost.

In order to adapt to a dental market in constant search for versatility and flexibility, this next generation of 3D printers – the ProMaker LD series – will offer a compact design, taking up less than 0.8 m² of floor space, with interchangeable production platforms of several sizes ranging from 165 x 150 mm to 450 x 445 mm*, in order to fit into all environments. This choice of platforms meets the need to adapt to different production volumes, which may vary according to applications or over time, and makes it possible to optimise production times for small or medium-size runs.

The new ProMaker LD series range will also offer vats of various heights to reduce the amount of resin required for each application, with changes of vats and printing medium taking only a few minutes. Furthermore, it will feature a new user-friendly software interface, making it quick and easy to learn how to operate, as well as a built-in touch screen to control the production process.

The next generation of ProMaker LD series 3D printers will come in 3 versions:

This new range will be available with Prodways Materials’ high-performance resins, meeting dental industry standards, including:
• Resins for dental models intended for repair work (crowns, bridges, etc.)
• Resins for dental models used in thermoforming (dental aligners, retainers, etc.)
• Burnout resins for stellite casting or fixed crowns (metal or ceramic)
• CE certified resins for implant guides

The ProMaker LD-10 – the first model in the LD series – will be unveiled in a world premiere at the IDS and will be available at the end of the year at a price below €100.000, exclusive of VAT**.
This new generation of printers (ProMaker LD 10 and ProMaker P 1000) more accessible will allow Prodways to address a market two to three times higher than the market currently addressed by machines sold at more than €200.000.

The presentation of the next-generation ProMaker LD series confirms Prodways’ strategy of offering new technologies and materials to support the transition to the all-digital production stream expected by the dental industry, with high-performance, versatile, compact and upgradable printers.

*on the ProMaker LD-45
**Retail price of ProMaker LD-10
***variable depending on the size and shape of the parts, as well as working conditions and materials used