Prodways at the Rapid 2018 Trade Fair in the USA, revolutionizing 3D printing in the transportation and automotive sector


Prodways Technologies will be in attendance at the Rapid trade show – booth 1842 – to be held April 24-26 in Fort Worth, Texas, and for the first time in the United State will be presenting its full suite of 3D printing solutions designed for the transportation and automotive sectors and the development of new, break-through applications in this area.


With growth of 1.2% in the 3D printing market for the transportation and automotive sectors in 2016, representing 16% of worldwide additive manufacturing revenue, 3D printing applications in these sectors are growing fast and are now integrated into each stage of the automotive production process: whether during the functional prototyping, design or tooling stages or the production of series parts, the automotive sector is one of the pioneers in the use and integration of 3D printing in its processes.

With this constant search for innovation and support throughout the entire additive manufacturing chain, Prodways Technologies has developed a wide range of 3D printers and printing materials, giving rise to new production methods for the automotive and transportation sectors. And now for the first time in the United States, Prodways Technologies will be presenting its full range of solutions at the Rapid trade show, booth 1842, to be held April 24-26 in Fort Worth, Texas. This will include its latest PA612-GB 3800 laser sintering powder and high-temperature versions of its Selective Laser Sintering 3D printer P series, “Powered by Farsoon”.


  • New powder PA612-GB 3800: ultra-high resistance to shocks and vibrations

For the first time in the United States, Prodways Technologies will unveil its new PA612-GB 3800 powder launched in conjunction with its partner A. Schulman and featuring ultra-high shock resistance. This resistance (one of the highest in this segment) enables the 3D printing of parts for the transportation industry or any moving assembly such as automotive fuel tanks or all kinds of industrial pump body units. The PA612-GB 3800 powder matrix was specially designed to withstand very high temperatures without distortion. This feature allows the development of a vast number of potential applications, specifically for the transportation industry, including train ballast systems, which need to withstand vibrations and high temperature stress caused by braking systems.


  • High-temperature versions: up to 280°C (535°F)

Last but not least, Prodways Technologies will present its selective laser sintering 3D printer, ProMaker P4500 HT, powered by Farsoon, designed to work with high-temperature materials such as PA6, PA6-GB and PA6-FR and develop new innovative applications for the direct production of hot engine parts.
These high-temperature versions are used for additive manufacturing of parts with more complex structures and custom designs, with the same mechanical resistance, toughness and thermal stability properties as parts currently produced using traditional injection techniques – perfectly suited to hot engine parts for the Formula 1 sector or for small series car productions.


With these presentations, Prodways Technologies intends to confirm the performance of its 3D printing solutions by opening up new horizons for the industrial production of prototyping or series parts in the key sectors of transportation and automobiles. Paul Anfinson, Chief Executive Officer of Prodways Americas confirmed: “More and more leading auto manufacturers are turning to Prodways 3D printing solutions in order to lower their prototyping costs or use 3D printing for non-critical series parts. For instance, the manufacture of carbon parts traditionally produced for WRC2 vehicle prototyping requires the manufacture of expensive molds for each iteration. The use of our laser sintering 3D printer helped one of our customers cut its production costs while also affording a greater number of iterations and greater flexibility in the development of its WRC2 prototypes. Today, it already equips its WRC2 vehicles with 3D-printed parts for car interior ventilation systems and is continuing to test Prodways solutions for the printing of other series parts.”


See all of Prodways’ 3D printing solutions for the automotive and transportation sectors at booth 1842 at the Rapid trade show in Fort Worth, Texas, April 24-26, 2018.