FormNext 2018 is just finished, and we officially launched the PA11 availability for the ProMaker P1000, plus the early adopter phase for our new Polypropylene.

But since at the show the P1000 was not in “working mode”, we decided to prepare this video to illustrate all the process steps, from the machine preparation to the final parts.

As of today, the ProMaker P1000 is the more convenient (price/cubic cm) and customer-proven plastic laser sintering printer on the market, that features:

  • Open material strategy (unlocked)
  • 30W Co2 laser
  • 3,5 m/s Scanner / galvo
  • Build chamber max temp @ 200°C
  • 27 Liters printing volume
  • Up to 1,1 liter per hour build speed
  • Counter-rotating roller recoater
  • No pyrometer “dead-zone” (also known as “non build area”)
  • Compatible with our TPU70-A (rubber-like), PA12s, PA11s and Polypropylene (coming soon)
  • Integrated software for process control, part positioning, print-styles customization
  • Slicing on the fly (non need to pre-slice the files)
  • Add or remove parts at runtime, even during the print process
  • Free connection plugin with Autodesk Netfabb

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