Great work, finished on time.

If you manufacture as a service bureau, that’s the key to your success: You need to deliver for your clients. And you need to keep delivering, maximizing the return on your investment, day after business day.

Your efficiency doesn’t just depend on you, but on your manufacturing solution. Slow and unreliable equipment is a business risk. Here’s how Prodways designs solutions that will keep you working – and keep working for you – long into the future.

Versatile solutions. A multi-technology approach ensures you have access to the materials and equipment you’ll need for the next job – whatever that may be.

Fast production. Prodways’ MOVINGLight® and P1000 series SLS machines set standards for quick turnaround time. Because when you print more, you make more.

Open platforms. Prodways 3D printers are software- and material-agnostic, so you can work however you work best. Choose from our list of validated materials – or use anything else that suits your business. Talk to a 3D printing expert for more information.

The right material for the job

Our 3D printing materials are optimized for Prodways machines to produce the most precise parts and exceptional finished results. Each is developed with a focus on sustainability and efficiency, so you can trust that your footprint – and your cost – is minimized.

Make customized dental and medical devices, industrial parts, prototypes, mechanical parts for engines and robotics, consumer goods, orthopedic soles and more. Choosing the best material for your application means knowing the properties, advantages, and limitations of various printing polymers.

Begin by browsing on our material page – or contact Prodways for a personalized recommendation for your service bureau.

The right machines for the job: DLP and SLS

Prodways’ multi-technology solutions offer two different approaches to 3D printing. Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is often a fit if you’re planning to prototype and mechanically test a variety of components, while our proprietary MOVINGLight® DLP printing can be ideal for applications like production molds, models and personalized devices that require the highest possible resolution.

Service Bureau Case Study

Tips and advice on how to incorporate new SLS material into your service bureau.

Let’s make your business better.

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