The ProMaker P1000 X is the natural, productivity-orientend evolution of the ProMaker P1000.

And now, it’s available with the full range of materials from Polypropylene to TPU to Nylon 11 and 12.

We took all the good things that made the P1000 the favorite SLS® printer of 3D printing services, startups, research centers and OEMs, and we raised the bar in terms of productivity, accuracy, thermal control, and connectivity.

The ProMaker P1000 series features the best cost/volume/throughput combination you can find.

What’s new?

  • New 24-points grid thermal control system
  • Doubled print speed versus the base P1000 (up to 2 l/h!)
  • 32 Liters volume (+20%)
  • Integrated webcam for remote visualization and post-build logs

More than 7 high-performance materials available

TPU 70-A

Rubber-like material with adjustable shore.

From 70-A to 95- A, with incredibly low refresh rates.

PP 1200

Polypropylene for SLS®.

Ductile, with high resistance to chemicals, low refresh rates and 10% lighter than PA12.

PA 12 Range

The bestseller for visual and functional prototyping needs.

Comes in 3 versions (also glass-reinforced)!

PA 11 range

Fine granulometry, good ductility and great shock-resistance.

Available in standard, medical-certified and glass-reinforced versions.

Stark 3200

High isotropy polymer, insensitive to moisture.

Smooth surface finish and >3200 Young Modulus.

See the Promaker p1000 x in action

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