Since its beginnings, 3D printing has experienced a constant evolution of the technologies deployed. But these trends do not only affect 3D printers, they also apply to materials. This combination of machines and materials is key to success in 3D printing!


Prodways is a French manufacturer of industrial 3D printers. Launched in 2014, the Group has been continuously expanding its activities across the whole 3D printing value chain. In order to meet users’ needs, Prodways offers a complete range of laser sintering powders for all types of applications. These powders are compatible with the ProMaker P-Series SLS® 3D printers, with validated sets of parameter available for each printer. Thanks to their specific material and mechanical characteristics, this powders combined with the ProMaker P Series 3D printers enables to meet the challenges of prototyping and mass production of 3D printing parts.


Advanced Materials:

Among the portfolio of materials validated on the ProMaker Pseries 3D printers, there are some “advanced” materials that allow users to diversify their use of 3D printing:

PP 1200 

Developed with BASF Forward AM


• Unmatched dimensional stability over time and under difficult conditions

• Good welding capabilities

• Suitable for translucent and shock resistance parts

Download the PP 1200 datasheet >> 




• High elongation break up to 300

• Good chemical resistance

• Excellent shock absorption or rebound capabilities

Download the TPU-70A datasheet >>

Polyamide-based materials:

Polyamide-based powders (PA 12 and PA 11), widely used for 3D printing parts, are also available and validated on Prodways 3D printers:



• Excellent mechanical properties

• Good part surface ease of post processing

• Low water absorption

Download the PA12 – L1600 datasheet >>



• Meet USP Class VI requirements**

• Ductility, elongation and shock resistance

• Excellent resistance and durability over time

Download the PA11-SX1450 datasheet >>



• Good resistance in extreme temperatures

• Low shrinkage

• Adapted to print high stiffness parts

Download the PA11-GF3450 datasheet >> 



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