Prodways Machines has recently signed a distribution agreement with Indurate Alloys Ltd., a leading Canadian company. This partnership aims to expand Prodways‘ presence in North America by leveraging Indurate’s extensive network and market expertise. This collaboration not only strengthens our market presence but also allows us to better serve our Canadian customers with local support and faster response times. 

Indurate will be present at the FABTECH 2024 event, from June 11th to 13th, 2024, at the Toronto Congress, booth #12050. We will be sharing their booth, providing you with the opportunity to discover our Prodways machines solutions and engage with our sales representative, James Braddick. 

About FABTECH 2024 

FABTECH is North America’s largest event dedicated to metal forming, manufacturing, welding, and finishing. It is a meeting place for industry professionals to discover the latest innovations and trends. 

What Will You Discover? 

Visitors can expect to see live demonstrations of Prodways’ advanced 3D printers and explore the latest developments in ceramic and dental 3D printing. The booth will feature a range of exhibits, including the latest ceramic 3D printers and dental solutions. Participants will have the chance to discover the latest developments in ceramic and dental 3D printing and to exchange with our experts on how these technologies can benefit their business applications. 

About Indurate Alloys Ltd.

Indurate Alloys Ltd. is a leader in advanced materials and additive manufacturing. Their commitment to innovation and quality makes them an ideal partner for Prodways. With a strong presence in Canada, Indurate is well-positioned to promote the adoption of Prodways’ 3D printing solutions.

Enhanced Product Offering: The partnership between Prodways and Indurate means that customers will have access to an even wider range of 3D printing solutions. This expanded portfolio ensures that customers can find the perfect solution for their specific needs.

Why Choose Prodways Machines?

Patented Technology

Prodways Machines offers 3D printing solutions specifically designed for industrial applications, including ceramic and dental industries. 

Precision and Quality

Renowned for their high precision and exceptional quality, Prodways’ printers ensure reliable and accurate results every time. 

Innovative Materials

A wide range of advanced materials tailored to the unique needs of various industries enhances the versatility of Prodways’ 3D printing solutions. 

Comprehensive Support

From initial consultation to after-sales support, Prodways Machines offers comprehensive services to ensure customer satisfaction and successful technology implementation. 

The partnership with Indurate Alloys Ltd. marks an exciting chapter for Prodways Machines. Together, they aim to revolutionize the additive manufacturing landscape in North America. By showcasing their solutions at FABTECH 2024, the goal is to demonstrate how this cutting-edge technology can improve productivity and innovation in various industries. 


What industries can benefit from ceramic 3D printing?

Ceramic 3D printing is beneficial for industries such as aerospace, medical, electronics, and automotive due to its ability to produce high-strength, heat-resistant, and precise components. 

How does dental 3D printing improve patient outcomes?

Dental 3D printing enables the creation of highly accurate and customized dental implants, prosthetics, and orthodontic devices, leading to better fit, faster production times, and increased patient comfort and satisfaction. 

What makes Prodways Machines stand out in the market?

Prodways Machines stands out due to its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer support. Advanced technology and materials, combined with a proven track record and comprehensive services, make Prodways a leader in the 3D printing industry. 

How can I learn more about Prodways’ offerings?

To learn more about Prodways Machines, visit the website, contact the sales team, or attend industry events such as FABTECH 2024, where the latest innovations will be showcased. 

What can I expect at FABTECH 2024?

At FABTECH 2024, expect to see live demonstrations of cutting-edge 3D printing solutions, meet experts, and learn how this technology can benefit your business. Visit booth #12050 to meet representatives from Prodways and Indurate