Prodways meets the professional sports world with Mac-Lloyd

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The sports-tracker specialist Mac-Lloyd (link) has chosen the Prodways SLS® ProMaker P1000 (link) 3D printer for the manufacturing of its high precision, heavy duty and shock resistant tracking devices.

Widely used in rugby, football, horse races and hockey, Mac-Lloyd’s all-in-one system features GPS, Biometry, Indoor, Concussion analysis and data broadcast.

The decision to switch from the original parts subcontracting approach to the direct in-house manufacturing of the parts with a ProMaker P1000, can be resumed in this simplified SWOT table.


Classic approach: Injection molding

Additive manufacturing subcontracting

In-house manufacturing with a P1000 3D printer


  • Expensive process, that impacts the per-part price
  • Delay between conception of the design and delivery production of the part
  • Not suitable for small series
  • No design iteration possible


  • High costs
  • Delay between conception of the design and delivery of the part
  • Design iterations possible, but not fast enough to keep the pace with the design team
  • PA12 material not suitable for all the needs


  • Low cost per part
  • Zero delay between design and production
  • Design iterations possible with no limitations
  • Impact resistant PA11-SX 1450 material for better mechanical properties.


Mac-Lloyd determined the ProMaker P1000 as the best fit among other 3D printers because of its portfolio of high-performance materials, ease of use, a build volume of 300x300x300mm, and the naturally smooth surface of the printed parts.

The outer casings of the trackers are printed with the Prodways PA11-SX 1450 (link) to meet the stringent requirements of the latest IRB (International Rugby Board) benchmarks.

With Prodways SLS® technology, Mac-Lloyd moved beyond 3D prototyping to the direct production of impact-resistant parts made for one of the most exciting environments — sports.