About Prodways

3D printing: “the industry of tomorrow”

With 35% of annual growth between 2013 and 2014 and a market which already exceeds 4.1 billion dollars and should reach 21 billion in 2020 (source Wohlers Associates), 3D printing is revolutionary technology that have considerably changed production methods in a majority of sectors (dental, medical, aerospace, and jewellery etc.).

Prodways: experts in 3D printing with world-renowned industrial quality

Prodways relies on the renowned expertise of the managers and founders of the companies that now make up the Prodways group:

  • André-Luc Allanic, a pioneer of numerous innovative technologies for almost 25 years (notably stereolithography, selective laser sintering and polymer powder sintering);
  • Emanuel Mesaric, chemist-engineer with over 15 years’ experience in the development of photosensitive resins for 3D printing applications, and
  • Yvon Gallet, co-founder of the company Initial with 25 years’ experience as expert in part design and reengineering for a multitude of sectors.

In parallel, Prodways can rely on the Gorgé group’s solid experience and industrial culture, offering innovative, productive and reliable industrial solutions to players in each market segment and supporting them in each migration phase—from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing. Unique strategic positioning on the global 3D printing market Prodway’s strategic positioning is to combine the necessary technological solutions with the capacity to provide services and support necessary to help companies develop and meet industrial challenges:

  • By providing a top-quality, state-of-the art industrial solution;
  • By providing a complete range of technologies to meet their needs in terms of productivity and reliability;
  • By developing materials suited to industrial constraints (mechanical properties, biocompatibility, flammability etc.);
  • By proposing product design and engineering and consulting on production technologies and processes;
  • By qualifying business processes beforehand by creating test parts and process simulations;
  • By proposing manufacturing solutions for back-up and peak reduction;
  • By investing in innovative players in the 3D ecosystem.

Prodways is now one of the few players able to overcome all industrial challenges and boost the emergence of additive manufacturing in series production. Prodways’ offer is backed up by additional activities that enable it to position itself as a serious rival to the two global market leaders and also become the only company outside the USA to offer clients a wide range of 3D printing technologies and a complete range of 3D printing services:

Prodways Technologies

Prodways has R&D centres where highly-qualified and experienced staff in different 3D printing technologies develop and constantly create technologies and printers for the future. The technology developed by Prodways stands out from current 3D printing technologies and uses the latest technological breakthroughs to bring you innovative solutions for every single step of your industrial process:

  • DLP polymerisation – MOVINGLight®
  • Selective laser sintering – plastic powder
  • Accessories

Prodways Materials

At the heart of Prodways’ expertise is the creation of premium, composite, and hybrid additive manufacturing printing materials. Our materials boast high-performance mechanical (resistance and elasticity), physical and aesthetic (color and transparency) properties and provide unrivalled stability over time. Thanks to our industrial and R&D partners, Prodways offers and is constantly developing high-performance premium materials for new and promising applications in the industrial world. Prodways’ exclusive technologies provide an extensive range of possibilities for creating composite, hybrid, powder and premium materials. We open up new channels for developing applications with mechanical properties that are currently not found in additive manufacturing:

  • Liquid resins for polymerisation
  • Viscous resins for polymerisation
  • Plastic powders for selective laser sintering

Prodways Parts Design & Production

Since March 2015, Prodways has integrated the know-how and expertise of INITIAL—leading French center of excellence in Product Development, Additive Manufacturing and Production—organised around 4 sectors in order to provide a global solution:

  • Product design office
  • 3D scan for digitization and inspection
  • 3D printing and additive manufacturing for plastic and metal
  • creation of tooling and thermoplastic injection

INITIAL-Prodways offers different technologies and a wide variety of materials for improved flexibility. The company has a significant machine park to meet its clients’ short lead times and thus reducing Time-to-market to a minimum with fast and regular output of their innovations.

Prodways CUSTOMER support

Prodways is committed to providing its clients with turnkey industrial solutions and for this it relies on a network of experts able to offer a full range of services including: Different levels of training for optimal use of Prodways technological solutions; Maintenance contracts including on-site assistance, a hotline and customer service meeting the most stringent requirements; The possibility of working on specific developments with the Prodways R&D team in a Tech Centre equipped with the latest innovations.

Prodways Entrepreneurs

Prodways Entrepreneurs is a support and private equity financing structure for innovative companies wishing to turn their production towards 3D printing (jewellery, aerospace, biomedical, etc.) as well as designers of materials and solutions (machines, scanners, materials, software, services etc.). With this approach, Prodways supports and encourages the development of excellence in the 3D printing sector and at the same time creates an innovations ecosystem around it. Its highly developed and unique expertise within the group provides selected companies with tailor-made solutions the leverage they need to grow.