Clear Aligners Manufacturing Ecosystem

Deliver 1200 clear aligners per day with the new, end-to-end

To address the growing need of solid and high-throughput manufacturing systems for clear aligners, Prodways developed - in close collaboration with leading players in the digital dentistry world like 3Shape, Imes Icore, Dreve and Full Contour - the Clear Aligners Manufacturing Ecosystem.

3D Scanning, Data preparation, Treatment design, 3D printing, Thermoforming, Laser marking and Trimming: the new Ecosystem provides a seamless hardware/software integration between each of these steps, with an high level of automatization.

“By implementing advanced software and hardware solutions into our digital dentistry manufacturing workflow, we created an end-to-end Ecosystem that every medium and large lab dream of.” says Alban d'Halluin, CEO of Prodways Tech.

The Ecosystem brings to the market three key advantages:
  • Unbeatable productivity (up to 1200 aligners manufactured per day), and low cost-per-part
  • Smooth manufacturing flow thanks to the high interoperability between each element of the Ecosystem, and a 24h cycle of automated production
  • Certainty of the results, and shorter time to market.

How it works

Preparation complete des donnees HW SW SUITE

1. Complete data preparation HW/SW suite:

  • Scintigraphie intra-orale
  • Simulation de traitement
  • Mise en scène
  • Revue du traitement
  • Outils FAO avancés
Promaker LD20

2.  High speed 3D printing module

1.200 models per day over 3 shifts
The fast ProMaker LD20, equipped with 2 moving DLP® projectors is one of the key components of the new modular system (see the video)

Module automatique de plateforme de construction

3. Automatic build platform loader/unloder module

For more than 8 hours of continuous production, with no manual intervention. (see the video)

Module laser automatic

4. Semi-automatic thermoforming module

To thermoform 9 models at once, in just seconds

Module thermoforming semi-auto

5. Automatic Laser Marking and Trimming module

An all-in-one module for automatic marking and trimming of the aligners

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