At the heart of Prodways’ expertise is the creation of premium additive manufacturing materials exploiting the full potential of our industrial 3D printers, including hybrid and composite materials, boasting high-performance mechanical properties(resistance and elasticity), physical and aesthetic properties (color and transparency), and provide unrivalled stability over time. Thanks to our industrial and R&D partners, Prodways offers and is constantly developing high-performance 3D printing materials for new and promising applications in the industrial world.

Our Expertise

Our expertise which has been developed for 20 years, for the development of resins used for the medical markets, is a guarantee to satisfy the other industries. Our manufacturing and expert-chemists teams integrate monitoring & quality control at every step of production.

Quality control

Prodways has laboratories equipped with the latest quality control technology to ensure optimal development for every stage of production.


Specific development

Our chemical experts and engineers can develop materials that will your needs, from the formulation stage all the way to packaging.


Our R&D partners

Prodways relies on our leading industrial partners and the Academic & Research institutes to develop premium materials for the future


Our offer

Prodways’ exclusive technologies provide an extensive range of possibilities for creating composites, hybrids, powders and premium materials. We open up new channels for developing applications with mechanical properties that are currently not found in 3D printing:

Polymer Powders

Compatible with all Laser Sintering ProMaker P Series printers 


Liquid resins

Compatible with all DLP MOVINGLight® ProMaker L Series printers