Prodways Entrepreneurs is an organization providing support and private equity financing for innovative companies wishing to transform their production by implementing 3D printing (jewelry, aerospace, biomedical, etc.) as well as developers of materials and solutions (machines, scanners, materials, software, services etc.).

With this approach, Prodways supports and encourages the development of excellence in the 3D printing sector while creating an ecosystem of innovation in the industry. Prodways is well-established in the arena, with unique expertise for providing tailor-made solutions for selected companies and the leverage they need to grow.


Usine IO

Usine IO is a technological innovation facility located in Paris’ 13th district, which provides resources related to hardware and technical expertise and a networking department to assist inventors, entrepreneurs, SMEs and larger corporations with the design and prototyping of objects and their preparation for manufacture.
In its 1,500 m2 facility, Usine IO combines design space and workshops in wood, sheet metal, electronics, chemistry, textiles and 3D printing, with office space and a dedicated team of professional experts (CAD methods, electronics, etc.).

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SILLTEC is growing primarily in two markets:

  • 3D printing: SILLTEC develops and produces a range of DLP®-based UV projectors essential for the manufacture of certain industrial 3D printing systems, which are used principally in the biomedical, aeronautical and even jewelry industries, combining very high precision and productivity;
  • Laser cleaning and stripping: SILLTEC is developing and producing a range of sturdy and innovative laser machines dedicated to industrial cleaning and the restoration of historically significant items.

SILLTEC is supported by BPI France and the Paris Region. Furthermore, SILLTEC works with renowned scientific institutions, such as the Laboratoire de Recherche des Monuments Historiques (French Historic Monument Research Laboratory) and the Centre de Recherche sur la Conservation du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle (French Research Centre on the Conservation of the National Museum of Natural History).

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Created by Philippe Veran, an entrepreneur specializing in biomedical technologies (dental, orthopaedics, etc.) and based in Salon de Provence, Dentosmile offers a new invisible technique to realign teeth based on a system using transparent, scalable aligners which are tailor-made using digital modeling software and 3D printing. As a result, contrary to traditional orthodontic methods, which use unsightly metal rings and wires, this method is invisible, comfortable and more easily accepted among adult patients. Similar technology has seen tremendous success, especially in the United States.

Worn for 22 hours every day and changed every three weeks, these aligners will straighten teeth gradually and gently. It takes between 6 to 18 months to achieve perfect alignment.

Dentosmile relies primarily on the MOVINGLight® technology developed by Prodways and benefits from developments of new materials offered by the Group. In addition, Gorgé Group’s teams assists Dentosmile in implementing the industrial production process.

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