Key Features & Benefits

Ultra smooth surface

for a more natural feel. Achieve precise thermoforming results without sacrificing machine productivity.

Outstanding accuracy

that allows you to achieve superior and repeatable results.

Optimized for scanning

with color specifically engineered for easy scan-ability to ease QC protocol.

No sedimentation

Thanks to its advanced formulation, Absolute Aligner removes the need for frequent stirring.

Optimal clarity

achieved when used with spinner device. Compatible with other post-processing devices.

Absolute Aligner Technical Specifications



Compatible application

Aligner models

Compatible machines

LD10 and LD20 Dental models

Applicable layer thickness

[50 – 175] μm


350 – 450 mPas at 28°C


1.08 g/cm³

Flexural Modulus

[1900 – 2100] MPa

Flexural Strength

[80 – 90] MPa

Strain at Break

[6 – 9]%


[80 – 85] Shore D

Tensile Modulus

[2200 – 2500] MPa

Tensile Strength

[46 – 50] MPa

Elongation at Break

[4 – 6]%

Water Absorption

[1.3 – 1.5]%


[66 – 70 ] °C at 0.46 MPa

Recommended post-processing equipment

Spinner Aligner Cleaning station / PCU90 with Nitrogen or IPA cleaning solution with PCU90″

*Performance characteristics of these materials may change according to product application, operating conditions or level of refresh.

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Compatible ProMaker printers

ProMaker LD10

Versatile tool; remarkable resolution.

  • Single DLP head
  • Available in 385 or 405 nm
  • Extra large build plate
  • Compatible build kits: Granite, perforated, full metal, advanced metal platforms

ProMaker LD20

High speed; remarkable resolution.

  • Two DLP heads for faster throughput
  • Extra large build volume
  • Higher wavelengths deliver high power
  • Compatible build kits: Granite, perforated, full metal, advanced metal platforms

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