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If you missed our exclusive 45 mins webinar about polypropylene and Laser Sintering 3D printing, made with the help of BASF and Peridot Inc, here you can replay it.

Peridot is using a ProMaker P1000 to mass-produce end-use parts in PolyPropylene PP 1200, one of the latest and more interesting materials that hit the SLS® market, thanks to its properties:

  • Extremely easy to process, 136°C melting point
  • Suitable for applications that require ductility, like snap-fits or living hinges
  • 10% lighter than PA12
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Suitable for small to big parts
  • 25% lower purchase price than PA12
  • Lower refresh rate than PA12 (that gives an extra economical advantage)