Three months after its launch, Prodways Entrepreneurs, subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé and specialised in the financing and support of the European 3D printing sector, invests in SILLTEC (a company located in the Paris region) to support its growth.

A company renowned for its innovative culture

Founded by Julien Decloux, an engineer specialised in laser, optics and vision, SILLTEC is growing primarily in two markets:

  • 3D printing: SILLTEC develops and produces a range of DLP®-based UV projectors essential for the manufacture of certain 3D printing industrial systems combining very high precision and productivity, which are used in particular in the biomedical, aeronautical and even jewellery industries;
  • Laser cleaning and stripping: SILLTEC is developing and producing a range of sturdy and innovative laser machines dedicated to industrial cleaning and the restoration of heritage.

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