Paris, November 21st 2014, 7 :00 am Prodways to announce two new materials at EuroMold made with Somos® technology Somos® has developed a range of ground breaking materials which are suitable for use in various LED and DLP® machines, including the Prodways DLP® Mobile machines using MOVINGLight technology®. Prodway’s MOVINGLight technology® uses DLP® operating with a wavelength of 365 nm and using very high power LEDs. This combination allows the use of resins with superior properties compared with competitor DLP®, while also reducing manufacturing time. Somos®, a product brand of global life and material science based company DSM, has been developing cutting edge materials for stereolithography, a unique type of 3D printing, for over 20 years. They are committed to innovation in stereolithography and are expanding new product development into photopolymers optimized for technology that operates at higher wavelengths, including 365nm. These new materials are developed to have the same level of high performance as the category leading Somos® 355nm stereolithography materials. Two new materials developed with Somos® technology will be launched at EuroMold and available for use in DLP® machines operating at 365nm, including Prodways’ DLP® mobile machines. In particular, the partnership between Prodways and Somos® will enable future customers to harness the potential of Prodways’ class-leading machines for industrial applications (casting, rapid prototyping, etc.) This positioning shows Prodways’ determination to provide its customers with the best solutions available on the market. Press release