Paris, July 20, 2015, 7 :00 am

Prodways extends its market coverage to include Turkey and Israel and announces its first sale of 3D printing machines through a distributor

Just a few months after its launch in Asia, Prodways, a subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé, is further extending its market coverage to include Turkey and Israel, having signed two distribution agreements with Hortal 3D and Btech Innovation.

The signature of these two new agreements will enable Prodways to promote and market the full range of its 3D printing solutions in Turkey and in Israel, and underpins its wish to become a key player in the 3D printing sector, throughout the entire value chain, incorporating the development of cutting edge technology, the supply of high quality materials and the provision of engineering and manufacturing services for parts production.

“We are very pleased with this collaboration between Hortal 3D and Prodways in Israel. There is very strong demand from our customers to have a single service provider who can address all the issues involved in additive manufacturing”, reports Danny Kaplan, a Board member of Hortal 3D. Kuntay Aktaş, CEO and co-founder of Btech Innovation, states: “BTech Innovation is delighted to have teamed up with Prodways, a growing force in 3D printing that is able to offer cutting edge technology aligned with a full range of manufacturing solutions. We are convinced that the solutions on offer will enable us to become a front runner in markets where we currently operate, particularly in the medical field. Our customers require high quality services based on state of the art technology and proven expertise in 3D Printing.”.

Hortal 3D in Israel and BTech Innovation in Turkey are highly regarded partners who will assist the growth of Prodways in these regions and will support its strategic objective to become the third largest global player offering multi-technological solutions and a full range of 3D printing services to its customers. The distribution network will gradually become operational.


As such, the Group announces today the first sale of 3D machines fully effected by one of its distributors. This sale of 3D printing machines (1 ProMaker L7000 and 1 ProMaker V6000) performed by its Polish distributor, for approximately €700,000, underscores Prodways’ ambitious growth strategy based on building a global network of trusted partners who are experts in additive manufacturing in their respective markets.


About Hortal 3D Hortal 3 Dimensional Ltd is owned by Comtal group and active many years in Israel. It represents the most leading manufacturers around the world in the 3 dimensional market. Comtal combines 10 different companies active in a variety of technological solutions. Comtal group represents the most leading manufacturers around the globe and provides products and services for different market’s segments. Being a One Stop Shop to our customers, we use the synergy of the group’ companies. Our main goal is to be the most leading solutions provider for the entire chain of industries, by providing innovating solutions, advanced technology and more. Comtal companies are being characterized in fast response time as well as flexibility to the market changes and developments, and also specialized in business and financial development About Btech Innovation Btech Innovation, which provides the first customized solutions private sector in Turkey, takes its experience in 3D technology to the health field. In addition, Btech acts as a consultant in the area of 3D technology to other industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense and homeland security industry by approaching multi-segmented markets and developing new generation solutions in 3D additive manufacturing. Btech Innovation works with the leading universities, hospitals and surgeons in Turkey and collaborates with national and international partners in order to develop new technologies in this field as well as to promote widespread use of personalized implants in Turkey. Our experience covers various industries such as: aerospace, space, automotive industry. Btech provides consulting services, responds to additive manufacturing market needs, and develops new technologic solutions for customers as a result of our strong cooperation with academic institutes and industry organizations. Press release